Sunday, 15 March 2015


Students needs to beware of this waterloo as they mislead students into registering for IJMB with the sole aim of getting a centre within places like LAGOS, DELTA, AKWA IBOM and many more, at the end of the day, this applicants ends up in KWARA STATE after the whole stress of registration but however, students registering on our website has been giving their testimonies on how they've been able to pick their preferred centres from the list of available centres nationwide, to view testimonies of this applicants, you can click on to view comments of our daily registered applicants as they share their view on the registration procedure and how successful their IJMB registration with LEARN MORE NIGERIA has been.

Many websites claim to be registering students for IJMB at various centres and such student end up in ILORIN due to the selfish interest of the centre,
Learn More Nigeria

is however different, it is said to
provide applicants with varieties of centre to select from
during their registration login to to
ScamVoid confirms our website as legit for IJMB registration.

DISCLAIMER: Not all you see out there are scam or scam free, but however, register with us to avoid this and enjoy maximum security via registration

Well some people still go to forum where anyone can posts anything to enquire about IJMB from people in which 60% are only their to scam you posting anything members of the public will easily believe. Always contact us if you have any information concerning IJMB because we are not only working in just an IJMB institution

Registration for 2015/2016 IJMB is ongoing and you can apply today by visiting

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