Sunday, 2 August 2015

IJMB REGISTRARTION IJMB admission without JAMB into 200L IJMB website with accredited study centre natonwide

Don't wait another year at home hoping the next UTME will solve the problem, it has been estimated that 65% of those who write jamb fail yearly and 60% of the 35% who pass end up failing post UTME again, in other to reduces this crisis, IJMB has offered a solution to the problem, a nine month program that serves as the gateway to 200 level in your preferred university, IJMB is a programme moderated by amadu bello, zaria in Nigeria created to reduce the havoc JAMB has been causing in almost a decade

IJMB registration for 2015/2016 is still ongoing and students can apply by visiting IJMB admission website official- to apply or register for IJMB today 
DISCLAIMER: Candidates should be informed that many educational
institutes/Individuals claim to be registering candidates for IJMB on
various websites and blogs and other social network with the sole aim
of registering students at various study centres nationwide, kindly note
that this registration channels are in no way related with LEARN MORE
NIGERIA so candidates are been advised not to be a victim to this and
moreso be careful of the ilorin waterloo so as not to end up in ilorin, Kwara State,
Testimonies from our daily registered applicants via shows candidates are duly satisfied
with our services so be wise and don't fall into their scam as there are various unaccredited
IJMB study centres nationwide. Register with LEARN MORE NIGERIA
and get registered to any of our accredited nationwide
today by visiting
kindly note that LEARN MORE NIGERIA will not be responsible for any registration
not done through our registration portal
because registration with us is strictly powered by LEARN MORE NIGERIA

Many Institution centres claim to be registering students for IJMB with their variety of centres nationwide but the story has not been true because they only have a centre they are restricted to which is Ilorin and such student end up in ILORIN due to the selfish interest of the centre, is however different, it is said to
provide applicants with varieties of centre to select from
during their registration login to to
register with them today IJMB Admission Website incoporated under LEARN MORE NIGERIA a registered body supervising those websites.
Websites confirmed as legit for IJMB registration