Sunday, 3 December 2017

Truth you don't know about IJMB and you want to know

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Do you know 2018/19 IJMB registration into 200 level has commenced?
Do you know IJMB is the best alternative to UTME? Do you know just 6 points is enough to take you into 200 level in your desired institution? Do you take time to read testimonies of registered applicants and past IJMB students? Do you know you are given a chance to study your desired course? Do you ever take time to study University admission statistics to see IJMB is graded on a 65% chances compared to UTME and other related programme? Do you take time to read frequently asked questions from applicants aspiring to register like you. This and many more form the gateway to your desired university. call 07037368149 for more information and registration.

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